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Let's get some discussion started
rootedinsong wrote in mbti
What Type-related topics would you like to see discussed in this community? I'll see about getting a post started (either writing it myself or having someone else do it) for each one once we have some topics.

How Type relates to culture is #1 on my list right now. What about you?

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, that's what I have heard as well. But apparently, (And maybe this is just in North-American culture) ESTJ is THE type to have if one hopes to be successful in buisness.

Society highly favours Extraverts(introverts, although they are half of the population, are often viewed as anti-social, shy, boring...), Sensors(which is a bit more understandable since iNtuitives are a rare 25-30% in the world--this preference is shown by an emphasis on doing things by the book, favoring practicality above all, emphasism on evidence as the way of learning in schools), Thinkers(in the buisness, at least...judging by impersonal mesures is THE WAY, bringing personal values and the effect on people is seen as "getting in the ways of doing the job") and Judgers(at least it used to be...IMO Perceivers are getting more and more their chance to shine...but SJs dominated the hierarchy for a long time).

Funnily enough, on online sites, it's the opposite. Where there was negative bias against iNtuitives, Perceivers and Introverts in real life, MBTI sites like personalitycafe and typologycentral are filled with Sensor(principally--are seen as less intelligent, less creative), and Extravert bashing(are seen as loud and shallow). No matter where you go, stereotypes rule the world.

Anyway..the OP wanted suggestions for topics? Maybe a discussion of correlation between ways of learning and the eight jungian functions(Introverted Sensing(Si), Extraverted Sensing(Se), Introverted iNtuiting(Ni), Extraverted iNtuiting(Ne), introverted Thinking(Ti), Extraverted Thinking(Te), Introverted Feeling(Fi), Extraverted Feeling(Fe) )? How different types lead people to have different interests and ways of learning?

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